Care to the moon and back available in Torquay

Childcare in Torquay:

  • Brand new, purpose built child care centre that meets the high demand for child care in the area
  • Very close to shops (including Coles), and local library
  • Free parking at the front of the centre and a designated car park for quick and easy drop off and pick up.

Stay connected:

The centre has a website, facebook page, instagram account and we use Story Park for our curriculum. All of which helps families to keep up to date with centre events, news and their child’s development.

  • Eclipse website
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Story Park app:

Learning is recorded and communicated as it happens in a private learning community. Instant feedback is received so you can build upon your child’s unique interests and abilities.





78-80 Beach Road,

Torquay, VIC 3228


T 03 5264 6833



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