Our Curriculum

The Early Years Learning Framework plays a critical role in developing a love of learning. During the early years, children develop a sense of self; the framework’s fundamental view draws on children’s lives as being characterised by belonging, being and becoming and ensures our centres are linked to family, home culture and home language to ensure each child is uniquely cared for.


Benefits of play include:


  • Children are able to express their personality and uniqueness
  • Children are able to display characteristics such as curiosity and creativity
  • Children make connections between old and new experiences
  • Children develop relationships and concepts
  • Play stimulates a sense of well-being

Infant Care (Under 2 Years)

What to bring
What to bring

Toddler Care (2-3 Years)

3 Year Old Kinder Care

What to bring
What to bring
What to bring

4 Year Old Kindergarten (Fully Funded)


Throughout the year and in conjunction with our Early Learning Framework, we have many visitors to our Centres to both entertain and teach our children about the world around them.


If you or your partner would like to visit our Centre to share with them something exciting or unique about your career, we highly encourage your participation.


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