The owners of Eclipse Early Education have a long and proud history in the childcare sector in Melbourne. In 2004 the Managing Director Hugh with his wife Catherine Ellis founded Pelican Childcare in Heatherton, Victoria after identifying a need that the corporate childcare groups didn’t seem to fill. Having four young children gave them a personal insight into the the need for high quality childcare.

About our company

About our company

The philosophy of providing state of the art centres, nutritionally designed meals and leading educational programs saw the group of centres grow to 30 centres throughout Victoria and Queensland under both the Pelican and Penguin Childcare (Pacific Early Learning Group) and now the Eclipse Early Education Brand.


We are proud of our relationship with some of Australia’s largest and most respected developers who selected us to build or lease a purpose built childcare centres within their communities. We are one of the most longstanding owners and operators of quality Australian childcare centres in the country. Along the way we were regularly recognised by independent groups for our high standards in both our centres and people receiving many awards such as Australian childcare centres and Centre Directors of the year. We are proud to have one of the highest staff retention rates in the country with many of our educators having been with us for over 10 years who are now senior managers within the company and are ‘gatekeepers’ of our culture and quality.


In 2012 following the death of a business partner and friend Jim Stynes the Pacific Early Learning Group was reluctantly sold. Out of the same passion and commitment for quality childcare by Hugh Ellis, Eclipse Early Education Group was born.


Nothing but the highest quality, care, buildings, food, educators, educational programs and accountability. This is our promise to you.


Hugh Ellis

Managing Director.


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